Chivas The Venture 2016

Chivas The Venture 2016

In today’s financial driven market it is easy for many businesses to neglect their social responsibilities; this is where initiative takes real precedent. Now in its second year The Venture by Chivas gives the opportunity for entrepreneurs across six continents to tackle environmental issues with approachable start up ideas.

In a discussion based at London’s capital the leaders of social entrepreneurship sought to inspire those taking on the next phase of task. Including the likes of Lily Cole, Sonal Shah, Rajeev Dey and Thomas Davies it was a discussion that sparked change among those aiming to follow in their footsteps.

“There used to be a trade-off when you wanted to achieve these goals professionally, but working in social enterprise is now no longer a less profitable occupation. In order to make this movement successful though, we need leadership and vision from the people at the top of big businesses”
~ Rajeev Dey, founder of UK business Enternships

Chivas The Venture 2016 Lily Cole discussion Panel

The Venture shows many things, not only the need for big businesses to stand up and effect our relationship with the world, but also it demonstrates that biggest of differences can come from organic sources and better yet from individuals that can be solution finders.

Chivas The Venture 2016 _Panel Alex Ricard, Sonal Shah Lily Cole

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