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Cartier x Hodinkee

Vintage Glasses

For me, the outstanding feature about these vintage Cartier, rather ironically, is that there is not much to them. A strange point of view, especially when you consider the substantial price tag attached to them. But what you are truly buying, is their quality, one that is very hard to realize – as many modern brands have found to their detriment.

That quality is “class”. I’m not talking about the colloquial term often used to describe a sporting feat, I’m on about the time-honored meaning of the word, the one used in reference to likes of Paul Newman, Marlon Brando (in his prime) and to a lesser extent George Clooney.

Well one thing for certain is that their value is suggestive rather than implicit, and by that I mean the frames err on the side of delicacy; with the thin gold frame, gracefully encircling the glass lens rather that the overly embellished examples you find from modern ‘luxury’ brands today.

The vintage Cartier Santos Laque glasses have been curated by Hodinkee, who have taken their skill and mastery of tracking down rare find watches and applied it to other categories in their rare finds section; items including vintage Dunhill lighters, classic watch posters, clocks, and of course, a variety of elegant vintage glasses. Peruse and enjoy.

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