BLOCK by Apparatus Studio


by Apparatus Studio

Looking again at the home, we’re back with New York based design Studio Apparatus and their latest item of uncommon beauty entitled BLOCK.


The new collection of objects is a series comprised of brass forms that can plummeted into (or rested on) cast Swedish barium crystal. To get this effect, molten crystal is poured into textured graphite molds, giving the cooled blocks the appearance of ice.

The crystal both supports and obscures the heavy brass to create a sense of harmonious displacement.


The crystal blocks serve as a plinths to hollow capsules that are essentially “chambers for undivulged use, suitable for sacred or forbidden objects” – one would presume they mean items such as your ‘winning’ lottery ticket or maybe your last rolo… Either way you can rest assured that whatever you choose to keep inside them, they’ll still look great on the outside.


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