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Sesame Street

The world of watches can be an overly serious place at times — and understandably so with the vast sums of money exchanged for painstaking craftwork in finely crafted timepieces. But every now and then something comes along to break through the solemnity, bringing a smile to your face.

Enter the new Bamford x Sesame Street collaboration. In 2019 the era-defining kid’s programme enjoyed its 50th anniversary, celebrating characters and themes that have echoed through generations. Now in 2021 some of their iconic characters have been brought to life, true to the Bamford style, in three limited edition watches.

The brand has reached far and wide, and we are so happy to partner with Sesame Street and have these iconic characters on the dial of our watches. We love the wonderful nostalgia these characters provide and the splash of fun and colour which can brighten up your day when you look down at your wrist.


George Bamford, Founder of Bamford London

Big Bird, Cookie Monster and Elmo have been reinterpreted for your timekeeping pleasure, bringing a smile to your face every time you glance at your wrist. On the Bamford London GMT, you find a larger than life Big Bird on the dial, with feathered arms translated into hour and minute hands. The loveable Cookie Monster embellishes the Bamford London Mayfair date while the cheeky Elmo joins the party on the bright red Bamford London Mayfair Sport.

Just because can do something, doesn’t mean you should, but sometimes an opportunity arises that is just too special to pass up — this is most certainly one of those times, and Elmo very much approves.


The Bamford x Sesame Street Big Bird GMT 20-piece Limited Edition (RRP£1600), the Bamford x Sesame Street Cookie Monster Mayfair Date 50-piece Limited Edition (RRP £475) and the Bamford x Sesame Street Elmo Mayfair Sport 50-piece Limited Edition (RRP £400) are available now online at


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