Car Diffuser — by Acqua di Parma + Poltrona Frau




Car Diffuser
by Acqua di Parma

It’s hard to get excited by the car fragrance options on the marketplace. Just as your choice in fragrance is seen as an extension of self, so is your choice of car, and as such it comes as great surprise to me that there has been such a dearth of options in the car fragrance space.

To date it’s either been a case of the highly overpowering fruity “car tree” type scents that assault your nostrils with such ferocity it makes it difficult to enjoy your drive. Or, on the hand we have the clinically clean chemical type scents; often touted as “new car smell” but more akin to that of furniture polish or surface cleanser.

Save for a couple of limited-edition options punctuating the landscape from time to time (such as the retaW Car Tag) I’ve had to make do without — until now that is.

Enter famed Italian fragrance house Acqua di Parma. Renown for capturing the aromas of an idyllic Italian getaway in a bottle, in collaboration with luxury leather exponent Poltrona Frau they have created a modern car diffuser.

“Together with Poltrona Frau we have developed an interesting and successful project like the Smart Home Diffuser. It was natural, therefore, to continue with this creative co-operation to launch the new Car Diffuser. An article which, in tune with modern travel requirements, becomes an original and very carefully created synthesis between design, top craftsmanship and the art of Italian living, which can be breathed with the fragrances of our Home Collection. In this case, we’ve also entrusted the project to the sensitivity of GamFratesi, with the aim of bringing into a space like the interior of a car, where people spend a large part of the day, a unique multi-sensory experience”


— Laura Burdese, President and CEOAcqua di Parma.

Designed by the Award-winning duo GamFratesi, this car diffuser redefines the idea of in car fragrance. Part diffuser, part visual embellishment the fragrance diffuser comes in three leather finishes — yellow, dark grey & brown —  giving ample choice to car enthusiast to complement their beloved car interior.

That said, it wouldn’t be Acqua di Parma if they didn’t allow for a variety of fragrance choice and once again in this department they don’t disappoint, serving up a choice of nine different compositions. The Luce di Colonia, Buongiorno, La Casa sul Lago, Oh, l’Amore, Aperitivo in Terrazza and Profumi dell’Orto scents conjure images of typical Italian moments whereas Arancia di Capri, Fico d’Amalfi, Mirto di Panarea, evokes memoirs magnificent Italian landscapes. Completing the set is the Poltrona Frau signature, capturing modern sophisticated tones of Italy’s design capital, Milan.

The Car Diffuser is available exclusively from Harrods, priced at £135 (Car Diffuser + one fragrance refill). 


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