Levante by Maserati

Levante by Maserati

If you are following automotive movements the introduction of SUV’s is not something new to the field. Yet the newly launched Maserati Levante offers something unrecognisable to the current selection. Instead of curating something left field the team have fused all the great components of previous models. There are subtle hints of the Ghibli in the rear while the front offers an aggressive yet finely tuned display – typical of the Maserati family.

“The best thing about Levante is that it’s a true and pure Maserati that has perfect on-road and off-road capabilities, offering owners the ultimate in terms of elegance, practicality and comfort of a luxury SUV yet retaining the marque’s performance DNA.”

Maserati Levante UK Launch White top view






Boasting a V6 turbo diesel engine the Levante also has the lowest centre of gravity comparable to similar offerings – meaning that it is at home in both country and city surroundings.


Maserati Levante UK Launch White back of car

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