LALIQUE x STEINWAY & SONS: The Masque de Femme Piano

LALIQUE x STEINWAY & SONS: The Masque de Femme Piano

Having launched the Heliconia piano at the end of last year, Lalique and Steinway & Sons announce the launch of Masque de Femme; a new piano designed by French crystal maker, Lalique.

Following recent collaborations with Zaha Hadid, Damien Hirst and Elton John, Lalique continues its passion for the arts with a quest to build an instrument combining the very best of Steinway & Sons with the best of Lalique.

Steinway-sons-designed-by-lalique-masque-de-femme grand piano-Steinway Model B


Nature’s beauty and structure have always informed great design. Lalique worked on an elegant design for Masque de Femme focusing on two of its iconic motifs, ‘Coutard’ and ‘Masque de Femme1.

In all, no fewer than 1043 individual Lalique crystals adorn the Masque de Femme piano:

  • 1025 black crystal Coutard cabochons
  • 2 Masque de Femme panels: 80×80 mm
  • 2 Masque de Femme panels: 30×30 mm
  • 2 Swallow panels

  • 12 Coutard panels (4 on each leg of the piano)

Steinway-sons-x-lalique---masque-de-femme-piano--leg crystal

Requiring two years of development to perfect the exact techniques needed to ally the crystal and traditional materials of Steinway, this piano took over 500 hours of work – just to install the crystal elements alone.

Each Coutard cabochon perfectly blends with the piano, like drops of water that come alive on the black lacquer with an elegantly restrained tactile quality. Each crystal has been worked, shaped, cut, polished and signed at the Lalique factory in Alsace and then placed on the piano in the workshops of Steinway & Sons in Hamburg.

lalique Steinway-sons-designed---masque-de-femme-grand piano

The Steinway Model B is a balanced and versatile grand piano that works well in intimate settings, teaching studios and mid-sized venues; the favourite grand piano among private customers (Dimensions: Length 211cm x Width 148cm).

The Steinway & Sons designed by Lalique Masque de Femme piano will be taken on a world tour in 2016 that will include concert dates with renowned artists. At the end of this global tour, the piano will be auctioned off. +


  1. The Coutard design was created by René Lalique in 1935 for the famous Coutard fountain and represents a geometric motif of water droplets evoking both the Art Nouveau and Art Deco genres through restrained symmetry and shape. To adorn the same fountain, René Lalique created the Masque de Femme pattern inspired by his love of women and nature. This design is a classic and avant-garde work of art that reveals the face of the mysterious nymph, Arethusa surrounded by aquatic life.
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