ACG.07.KMTR by NikeLab

ACG.07.KMTR by NikeLab

The greatest of products are often born by the simplest of ideas and therefore have the most impact on society. With that notion in mind the idea behind ACG (All Conditions Gear) is to provide balance, not only in the current season but also in the forthcoming.

As part of the expanding landscape in functional, yet stylistically beneficial gear, the addition of the ACG.07.KMTR is a pleasure to behold. Features include a four-way stretch water-resistant upper shell, that moulds to the foot while being secured by a drawstring. Although complex on the eye the formalities are fairly routine, encouraging familiarity and purpose rather than over thinking. Taking into regard climate change and daily struggles its resolve is thoughtful for wearer and city alike.


“This shoe is water resistant, light, flexible, easy to put on, has great traction and introduces a new aesthetic,” says Nike NSW footwear designer, Gerald Sullivan.

“Moreover, it reduces functional elements to bare necessity — one doesn’t need the distractions of complicated entry and lockdown systems when moving around the city.”

The silhouette is the beginning of the Nike Komyuter providing wearers with a suitable lifestyle offering. At the forefront it is the shoes all round flexibility that is its greatest trait. Designed not only for the forward thinkers but also for urban dwellers – the ones who thrive in today’s hectic environment.

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