Leica “MINI M” X Vario Digital Compact Camera

Leica “MINI M” X Vario Digital Compact Camera


Even for a company with the heritage of the infallible Leica there comes a time where, despite your longevity of trading and no doubt irreparable expertise, you notice that there is a slight gap in your offering. The thing with Leica, is that the have provided a solution to a problem that most of us didn’t realize existed – until the told us of course. The introduction of their latest innovation, the Leica X Vario Digital Compact, is a camera that garners the reaction ‘Ahhh I see…’ – at least it did with us at any rate.


The entire Leica offering in essence is embodied by their Rangefinders and M series cameras, all of which have legendary status be it in digital or the more traditional film format. But move to the compact cameras and there isn’t really an option that truly transfers the performance of the Leica Rangefinders to the compact format. Some might argue that the Leica X2 is the version – but then it has a fixed lens, where as the M-Series is R-Lens compatible and hence has multiple rage options. The new Leica “Mini-M” features a high performance zoom lens1, enabling high-quality variable range not previously seen on a Leica Digital Compact; and hence we dub thee the “Mini M”.


‘Made in Germany’ with an iconic design reminiscent of the M rangefinder, this latest addition features the trademark aluminium body dressed with the classic Leica black leather trim. Every way you look at it, the Leica X Vario lives up to it’s billing as the Mini M, be it visually or in its relative performance, whether it has the capacity to become a mini-legend, only time will tell.

Leica X Vario digital compact camera (£2,150.00)2 is available via the Leica Store Mayfair (0207 629 1351).


  1. The 16.5-megapixel X Vario camera is ideal for taking interior shots and landscapes or portrait photography. The “Mini M” model boasts a fast and precise autofocus, full HD video compatible with social media and mobile devices, as well as a three-inch monitor.
  2. The set (main image), priced at £2,250.00 (and available exclusively in the UK), includes the Leica X Vario digital compact camera, a Tan leather camera protector, and Tan carrying strap via the Leica Store Mayfair (0207 629 1351)
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  • Clair Jean Noel Rene
    Oct 5th, 2016
    Clair Jean Noel Rene says:

    Very nice Design



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