Ode to the Rainbow

Ode to the Rainbow

Like great artists of old, talented car designers manage to make vehicles that are often more lauded in reflection then they were at the time of their conception. One such motor is the Ferrari 308 GT Bertone Rainbow. Originally unveiled at the 1976 Turin Motor Show as a concept, the car unfortunately never actually made it into production.

Using the Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 as an inspirational basis, designer Marcello Gandini from famed Italian coachbuilding and car styling house Gruppo Bertone created new “Targa” edition; peculiar in its futuristic angularity.

Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 Black Bertone

As often happens art has inspired art, and resulted in Visual Artist Clemens Ascher partnering with CGI & retouching experts Recom Farmhouse to produce a series of imagery called “Of Rainbows and Other Monuments”.

“I dreamt up this surrealistic and graphic world featuring mysterious monuments, the legendary Ferrari Rainbow, and its furious drivers.”

       — Clemens Ascher

Clemens Ascher — “Of Rainbows and Other Monuments” [ Ferrari Rainbow ]

Using a combination of Ascher’s architectural sketches and photography, Recom Farmhouse created a monolithic dystopian a set of images that give the Rainbow the vibrant colouring its name would suggest, while reimagining the kind of world the car would be at home in. The resulting artworks provide evidence that as we tumble headlong into this age of electric cars, past design can — and should — inspire our automotive future.

See more of Ascher’s work @ clemensascher.com

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