Worth the Wait

Worth the Wait


You may have heard that little picture by the name of ‘No Time to Die’ is hitting theatres in two weeks. The new James Bond has been marred by COVID-induced delays and our anticipation has been equally feverish.

Turnbull & Asser, Jermyn Street | ⓒ Eli Ankutse

Frustrating as the wait is, it’s good to know that Eon Productions et al are taking the time to perfect the film. Daniel Craig returns as our titular incarnation of suaveness and, in an almost meta nod to the fans chomping at the bit to see him in action again, assumed the role of James Bond in Heineken’s new ‘Worth the Wait’ campaign.

The advert shows Daniel Craig waiting patiently for the first satisfying sip of an ice-cold Heineken. Upon finally drawing from the perfectly poured beverage, he concludes that it “worth the wait”, in his trademark smooth/gruff sort of way. But this is more than a vague cliché slapped onto the end of a beer commercial. Heineken actually tested what the perfect wait time for a beer is in relation to satisfaction.

In the experiment, 115 people were given cold Heineken beer at intervals between 0-30 minutes, showing that people who waited 20 minutes had the highest levels of satisfaction.

Bram Westenbrink, Global Head Heineken® Brand, said:


 “Heineken has been a proud partner of James Bond films since 1997. So, like all Bond fans, we also can’t wait for No Time To Die to hit cinemas. That said, we believe some things really are worth waiting for. And now we can prove it. Whether it’s an ice-cold Heineken® or an action-packed Blockbuster – the best things truly do come to those who wait.” 

Turnbull & Asser, Jermyn Street | ⓒ Eli Ankutse



Turnbull & Asser, Jermyn Street | ⓒ Eli Ankutse

Test the theory our Editor met with the Heineken team to see if it was possible to tie in a visit to famed tailors Turnbull & Asser whilst awaiting his beer. The brand boasts a 58 year strong relationship with the Bond franchise by way of an official James Bond Collection, so it seemed the perfect choice for this endeavour. In the end, our editor opted for the iconic Dr. No blue collared shirt, and wouldn’t you know it – much like the perfect waiting time for your beer – it took 20 minutes to tailor to completion.

So whether you’re waiting for a beer, a crisp new shirt or the latest of Bond’s exploits to hit the big screen (and nothing’s stopping you from enjoying all three at once), you can be sure it’s worth the wait.


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