The Protocoles Deluxe Case by G.H.MUMM

The Protocoles Deluxe Case by G.H.MUMM

The fact that something is freely available by no means devalues the aspiration of attaining it, but there is no denying that scarcity does increase the fervor to purchase, and the contentment of acquisition. Purveyors of luxury Champagne G.H.MUMM have recently launched their Protocoles Deluxe Champagne Case in a limited run of 50 units. Inspired by the launch of the Champagnes Protocoles – or how to (re)discover the culture of Champagne and its associated rituals, the elegant Protocoles Deluxe Case by G.H.MUMM turns a gallant man (one who offers champagne), into a gentleman (one who knows how to serve it).

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The new creation, inspired by the design of field trunks used during the Napoleonic wars, perfectly illustrates this approach.  Trimmed with white leather, it possesses the codes of unostentatious luxury. The accompanying stand, with its sleek design, incites one to look again… and discover an elegant canteen. At standing height, you merely lower the front flap. Inside, G.H.MUMM’s iconic red clearly sets the tone. As the Champagne Protocoles G.H.MUMM are an ode to the culture of champagne, here is the wherewithal to become a master of the art.

More than etiquette, a matter of culture.

The Protocoles Deluxe Case provides an introduction to the rituals of tasting – JOSHUA’s style. First of all, two bottles stand sentinel: one magnificent bottle of the House’s signature Cordon Rouge, and one bottle of the delicate Vintage 2004.  A set of glasses for tasting these oenological delights as befits them: four flutes for the Cordon Rouge, two specially engraved glasses for the Vintage 2004.

Where the case truly fulfils its purpose is that it contains all the necessary accessories for accomplishing the Champagne Protocoles de G.H.MUMM and turning the tasting moment into a ritual. These “tools of the trade“, designed in conjunction with Cellar Master Didier Mariotti and L’Atelier du Vin—French experts since 1926 in wine accessories—include a bottle opener specially designed for champagne, a thermometer to ensure that it is at the right temperature, and serving ties and a pair of white gloves so the handling is as fine as the wine.

This is completed with a stopper designed to preserve the wine’s wonderful sparkle. In addition, there is a small guidebook listing all the Champagne Protocoles de G.H.MUMM which explains what to do at every stage of your champagne enjoyment. In short everything you need to know to become an expert and attain that aspirational lifestyle.

The Exclusive series of 50 Deluxe Cases are available from:

Top wine merchants in France including Fauchon Madeleine, La Grande Epicerie de Paris, Lavinia and Lafayette Gourmet in Paris, as well as exclusive outlets in your region.

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