Talisker + Oliver Sweeney

Talisker + Oliver Sweeney

For whisky enthusiasts worldwide this coming Saturday (20th May 2017) marks the arrival of World Whisky Day, where whisky lovers from around the world combine to celebrate the intriguingly diverse age-old drink. One way of celebrating would be to invest in an item with true synergetic value, an item that has ‘whisky’ and ‘heritage’ written over it, along with production and functional value. I’m pleased to inform you that such a product exists thanks to a collaboration between Isle of Skye single malt Scotch Whisky, Talisker, and luxury British menswear designer Oliver Sweeney.

With just 200 pairs produced, Talisker and Oliver Sweeney have designed a limited edition ‘Made By The Sea’ boot; a masterpiece of craftsmanship, beautifully presented in a solid oak box, alongside a 70cl bottle of TALISKER’S signature 10-Year-Old whisky, a branded sterling silver etched hipflask and a traditional styled compass.

“TALISKER is one of my favourite single malts, so this has been a real passion project for me. I wanted to create a design which reflected our shared passions for craftsmanship and innovation. And the ‘Made By the Sea’ boot is just that – it evokes a spirit of adventure resonant of the rugged landscape of the Isle of Skye.”  ~ Tim Cooper, Cobbler-in-Chief, Oliver Sweeney

The limited-edition collaboration is born from a joint heritage in quality and craftsmanship rooted in tradition and aims to evoke a spirit of adventure through cleverly placed innovative design elements with details such as the inbuilt compass on the boot collar, reminiscent of the old-world mariner’s compass. Moving on to the whisky itself, the choice vintage was a TALISKER 10 Years Old; a stalwart in the family, much-loved around the world for its maritime sea-salt flavour, with a smooth and smoky finish.

Inspired by the wild storm-tossed seas and rugged terrains of the Isle of Skye, the ‘Made By The Sea’ limited edition set retails at £595.00, and is available to purchase from via Oliver Sweeney’s flagship store in Covent Garden as well as oliversweeney.com.



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