The Protocoles Illustrated: Noma Bar

The Protocoles Illustrated: Noma Bar

In fear that the ritualistic tradition of how to drink and truly enjoy champagne had been lost, G.H. MUMM called upon Israeli-born Noma Bar to modernize and bring to life their Protocoles de Champagne; a comprehensive guide of dos and don’ts of champagne.

His artistry for the Protocoles elegantly combines the intricate use of G.H. MUMM’s iconic branding with cleverly ‘hidden’ brand references in the negative space technique for which he has become renowned. Characterised by ultra-modern stylisation, clean-cut shapes, strong lines, blocks of colour and freedom of expression, the young Israeli artist’s illustrations offer a sophisticated, amusing and modern interpretation of Champagne Protocoles de G.H.MUMM.

The film below entitled One Minute Wonder gives us a brief insight into the mind of Noma Bar and the inspiration that brings his artistry to fruition.

About Noma Bar

Israeli-born Noma Bar studied graphic design and typography at the Jerusalem Academy of Art& Design before moving to London in 2001. Describing his craft as visual communication, combining the skills of artist, illustrator and designer, Noma states he’s “after the maximum communication with minimum elements”. His two stunning and highly acclaimed books, The Many Faces of Noma Bar and Negative Space have become a must have for the design industry.

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