The Art of Whisky Creation

The Art of Whisky Creation

JOSHUA’s are advocates of time honoured traditions, not solely, but in the main, based on the premise that there must be a reason that they have stood the test of time. It’s the idea of tweaking rather than wholesale reform, embracing the past yet looking to the future that leads to a truly remarkable outcome. Such is the case with the Dalmore, a single malt crafted using a process which has been perfected over the last 150 years.

There are four key elements to The Dalmore’s art, combining to produce a this lauded single malt that is respected and valued by connoisseurs and collectors worldwide, here they are succinctly summarised below:


The Dalmore still house is home to four unique idiosyncratic wash stills and four distinctive spirit stills, each of which varies in shape and size. This unusual arrangement of both short and tall stills delivers The Dalmore’s robust, complex and new-make spirit – one that can withstand exceptionally long periods of maturation in wood.

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Maturation is a critical stage in the creation of any malt whisky as cask selection plays a vital role in deter- mining a whisky’s flavour profile, colour and character. The Dalmore’s hand-selected first fill bourbon barrels from Kentucky and aged sherry casks from world-re- nowned Spanish sherry house Gonzalez Byass ensure the Dalmore delivers a whisky that is rich in aroma and flavour. The Dalmore is the only distillery permitted to source Matusalem sherry casks from Gonzalez Byass, contributing to its truly unique flavour profile.


Whiskies maturing in American bourbon barrels and Spanish sherry casks are then brought together by Richard Paterson, our third generation Master Distiller, and left to harmonise in upstanding sherry butts. The perfect balance of whisky matured in this combination of wood creates The Dalmore’s house style – well rounded and rich with aromas of orange marmalade, coffee, chocolate, sweet vanilla and spice.


This distillation and maturation process, perfected over the generations, sumptuously rewards anyone who has the opportunity to enjoy The Dalmore. Yet, for a small number of selected casks, they add another layer of perfection. Utilising a range of exceptional woods from world-renowned bodegas and exclusive wineries, some expressions are finessed in an additional cask before bottling. Each wood gifts its own unique characteristics, flavours and aromas.

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