Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room New York

Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room New York

Most would agree that Starbucks wear the crown for taking coffee culture to the masses, and expanding it beyond the remit of Italian coffee shops and Parisian Cafés. Now that’s done, monies made, the brand established and future (more or less) secured, they have decided to return their focus to what really matters; not business models, expansion strategies and Frappuccino flavour for the season – but the coffee itself.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery New York City Interior Coffee tasting

It may sound kind of obvious, but if you really think about it, modern coffee culture is more about “I really NEED a coffee” rather than on the enjoyment of said coffee itself – Starbucks aim to redress that. This is by no means a mass release project but more niche, in fact the new Starbucks Reserve® Roastery & Tasting Room will be located at the heart of the Meatpacking District at 61 Ninth Avenue in New York City.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room Coffee

With its doors set to open in 2018, the Starbucks Reserve® Roastery and Tasting Room in New York will be based on their first iteration that launched in Seattle – Starbucks’ Hometown – back in 2014. The space was a created to be an homage to coffee, encouraging interaction with the environment and the Baristas to understand more about coffee; much in the way a sommelier does with wine.

“In New York, we want to take elements from what we originally created and build something even bigger and bolder, celebrating coffee and craft in a completely unique and differentiated way. We want this experience to tell our customers that we’re coming to Broadway.”

~ Howard Schultz, Chairman & CEO, Starbucks.

The new building, designed by Rafael Viñoly, will be located one block south of Chelsea Market. The 20,000-square-foot New York Starbucks Roastery will incorporate Starbucks’ vast experience in integrating coffee roasting, manufacturing, education and retail.


The Starbucks Reserve® Roastery NYC, led by Arthur Rubinfeld, Chief Creative Officer & President, Starbucks Global Innovation, and Liz Muller, Vice President of Starbucks Creative & Global Design, will be completed towards the back end of 2017. I guess my Burundi Special Blend cuppa will just have to wait.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room building New York City Interior Meatpacking district

(Source: Luxurious Magazine)
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