Heart in the Mouth — Appleton Rum Revisits a Fan Favourite

Heart in the Mouth
Appleton Rum Revisits a Fan Favourite



Esteemed rum masters Appleton Estate are revisiting their Hearts Collection and bequeathing connoisseurs with a second instalment of the sought after capsule. Created for true rum aficionados, the exquisite 1984 and 2003 vintages have been hand-selected from Appleton Estate’s legendary stock and are comprised of 100% pot still single marque rum.

Normally, distilleries create rums with varying aromas and tastes dependant on factors such as type of molasses and yeasts used, along with the temperature and fermentation time. Each variation is known as a marque. Most expert rum makers blend different marques together to create various expressions, thereby expanding the number of releases with which they can populate shop shelves. A single-marque rum is simply more refined, considered and rare. What separates the Hearts Collection even further from other rum is that the collection was distilled in a Forsyth Pot Still and aged for multiple decades compared to the traditional 10-12 year-old single-marque rums on the market.

This second iteration of the Hearts Collection comes two years after the launch of the first. Back in 2020, the limited collection was sold out in minutes and are now some of the most sought after bottles in existence. Carrying the Hearts torch this time are two behemoths of the rum world: Appleton Estate’s Master Blender Joy Spence has teamed up with one of the world’s most influential rum experts, Luca Gargano. Together, they have bottled two very different but equally divine expressions of the fabled island tipple. 



1984 Hearts Collection



At almost 40 years old, the Hearts Collection1984 vintage is uniquely set apart from other expressions on the market. Distilled in a Forsyth Pot Still in 1984 and bottled in 2021 at 63% ABV, this elder vintage has been aged in Number One Select American Oak Barrels for a minimum of 37 years in the tropical heat and humidity of Jamaica. On the palate, luxurious layers of cinnamon, nutmeg, honeyed vanilla, rich oak, and orange blossoms build; and are enhanced by a long, opulent dry oak finish.

Joy Spence, Master Blender at Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum:

“Pot still rums are so versatile, bold and flavourful, it’s such an amazing base to work with – it’s the heart and soul of our blends. There is a precious funkiness in pot still rums that is the delight of connoisseurs, and the higher ABV of these rums makes it a natural match for neat tasting.”

2003 Hearts Collection



Distilled in a Forysth Pot Still in 2003 and bottled in 2021 at 63% ABV, the Hearts Collection 2003 brings balanced character to its more mature counterpart. Aged in Number One Select American Oak Barrels in the same climate, but this time for 18 years, it brings a true taste of luxury with deep nectar and molasses that make for a remarkably rich drinking experience. These initial notes make way for subtly nutty vanilla, butterscotch, and warm oak flavours, before culminating in a sophisticated honey-smooth finish.

Each vintage showcases the exceptional ageing stock resting at Appleton Estate. with a total of nine casks hand-selected for the Hearts Collection 1984 vintage, and 21 hand-selected casks for the 2003 vintage. Out of 6,800 bottles globally, only 740 bottles across both vintages are available in the UK – making them a truly unique collector’s item. Catch one — if you can.

Available for purchase at The Whisky Exchange and for order at Scarfes Bar at the Rosewood London, with 240 bottles of the Hearts Collection 1984 vintage (RRP £999) and 500 bottles of the Hearts Collection 2003 vintage (RRP £220) planned for UK release.


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