Shinola x Muhammad Ali Center

Shinola x Muhammad Ali Center

The truth is, everything Muhammad Ali did was great, and most of it in a good sense. I say most as Ali had many traits – as his ex-wives would testify to – that won him plaudits from his admirers as much as admonition. Ironically by highlighting this relatable human failing, Ali just augments his superhuman standing even further; he is “one of us”, a working man’s hero, a fighter – inside and outside the ring – and a revolutionary.

Detroit brand Shinola pay tribute to the man that is through the man that was, reminding us of his hailing’s as Cassius Clay, the name that saw his rise from boxing obscurity to the limelight. In partnership with The Muhammad Ali Center, Shinola use Ali’s illustrious career as the focus for the latest installment of their Great American Series, which is dedicated to American visionaries and industrial pioneers.

The mission of the Muhammad Ali Center is to preserve and share the legacy and ideals of Muhammad Ali, to promote respect, hope, and understanding, and to inspire adults and children everywhere to be as great as they can be.


This collection includes a limited edition watch, sweatshirt, boxing gloves, Muhammad Ali robe and two books. While all pieces pay homage to Ali’s heritage in many ways, It’s the watch that is particularly distinctive in its originality. Each watch is housed in a custom hickory box and accompanied by three rarely seen limited edition prints depicting Muhammad Ali during landmark events in his life, captured and signed by acclaimed Magnum photographer, Thomas Hoepker.

Shinola x Muhammad Ali Dressing Gown Supply_MAli_Robe_V1

All items will be available in the new Shinola store at 28 Foubert’s Place, London.


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