SERAC | With the world in mind

SERAC | With the world in mind

There is something to be noted with the industries current fascination with sustainability. Those within the circle will know that the conversation is nothing new, yet it can only be a positive that the topic is being widely discussed and welcomed by brands new and old. However, there remains a key problem in truly enabling brands to become fluent in this language and that is rooted deep in morals and goals. It is hard to imagine a company of 5,000 employees to move as quickly as one of 50 in creating systems and processes that impact the environment for the next 50 to 100 years. This is why I think the younger brands are just as much obliged to participate in ensuring their practices are enabling better world for further generations from the beginning. In reality this concept starts with ideals that seep through every aspect of the brand, from e-commerce to design, ensuing the end product as world proof as possible. Notably Norwegian outfit SERAC seem to follow this path with ease, working against the idea of over consumption and using the philosophy of “wear and care” to inspire a range outerwear that is productive yet mindful.

Created by Industrial designer Tore Mortvedt SERAC’s roots herald from Bergen, Norway. Known for its harsh winter climates, the Nordic city provides both an authentic testing ground for future concepts but also the source of inspiration for the pieces the company is founded on. Tore’s background is in technical innovation and thus the brands garments thrive on these advancements. British Millerain ®3L waterproof waxed cotton work seamlessly with articulated arms (for mobility) and Primaloft ®goose down (for warmth) all without compromising aesthetics.

Broken down into three core styles: the T1 Down Parka, T2 Hybrid Coat and T3 Bomber Jacket, of which benefit from above mentioned materials, the brand ensure occasion is the only factor that dictates your preference.

With all being said it is the willingness to design with conscious thinking that is overwhelmingly important their growth. It is instinctively primitive to design with the world at mind and this ideal seeps into SERAC’s DNA by default – a mindset that hopefully is followed by forthcoming designers.

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