IN VERSE | Leica M10-P

IN VERSE | Leica M10-P

The art of photography has changed—and is changing,
With less and less of its truest form remaining,
The flippancy of capture is rife,
Endless documentation of everyday life,
But under that there’s little skill,
Just complete profligacy, if you will,
Alas, the game is not yet dead,
As an old veteran rears its head…

It’s not easy to use, light or simple,
It is 4k—but requires no gimbal,
As video is not its strongest suit,
It’s not a case of “point and shoot”.

To compose a photo takes thought and time,
That precise moment when squares align,
Through viewfinder, still reassuringly classic,
Producing images with depth surpassing.
Digital yes, but a similar feel to film,
Honed by years of innovation, desire and skill.

When I reflect on life’s journeys, places I’ve gone,
The moments lost, the moments won,
The mountain sights, the sands, the trees,
The look on faces when it’s time to leave,
If I could revisit them all again,
I’d capture them on a Leica M10.

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