Remy Martin XO by LEE BROOM

Remy Martin XO

The idea that change is “necessary” to remain relevant is something that the classicists have fought for years. Having said that on the other side of the coin, the modernists could argue that if you don’t change you will get left behind. A conundrum indeed.

Lee Broom, Designer

This is where what I call “tasteful re-interpretation” comes in to play. That balance where the past is respectfully enhanced by the present — or future. Of course, this is far, far easier said than done. Do too little, you fail to inspire, and do too much, you defame the original design.  

Take Rémy Martin XO for example, who has kept the same flacon since its inception in 1981, but this year ­­– for the first time – has allowed a limited-edition redesign.

In itself, this is a weighty responsibility, but even more so when dealing with one of the most iconic silhouettes in drink. Even from some distance, the dappled crystalline appearing perfume-like decanter is distinguishable amongst many a drink on many a shelf.

This task was presented to Lee Broom, an Award-winning British designer whose specialty lies in using cutting-edge technologies to create avant-garde designs:

“There was an immediate connection. I am about seamless perfection, uniqueness, heritage and craft, and those themes are very prevalent at Rémy Martin, a House that’s so steeped in history and heritage yet always moving forward, still modern and contemporary. It’s an honor to work on such a unique and iconic decanter and put my own twist on it.”

— Lee Broom, Designer

Lee Broom, Deisgner

Lee’s solution? To convey the Rémy Martin XO serve on ice in the guise of hundreds of fine “shards” cut into the indents of the decanter; each representing one-of-four hundred eaux-de-vie sourced in Petite and Grande Champagne for the cellar master’s signature blend. The result is a bottle that captures the opulence of the Rémy Martin “on ice” ritual – in a tactile manner – while embracing the heritage of the iconic silhouette.




How to make an XO Gold-Fashioned — on ice


Short, intense and full-bodied, this surprisingly smooth classic boasts the richness of the XO blend stirred to perfection as called for by tradition, and magnified by glitters of gold, like sparkles of sunlight.


XO Gold Fashioned


50ml Rémy Martin XO

1 Brown Sugar cube

3 dashes of aromatic bitter

An edible gold leaf to garnish



In an XO Old Fashioned glass, soak the sugar cube in the bitters. Add one or two large cubes of ice. Pour the cognac slowly over and stir until silky smooth. Lightly dust the ice with gold leaf and serve.


The limited-edition Lee Broom designed Rémy Martin XO decanter will be sold exclusively at Selfridges from the end of May 2022, accompanied by an immersive 3D rendered mobile experience and a personalised Rémy Martin XO tasting guide. Divulging the designer’s inspirations and thought processes, the mobile experience helps you enjoy the full sensorial extent of the Rémy Martin XO on ice universe from the comfort of your own home; technology embellishing an already timeless experience.

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