The Cut at 45 Park Lane presents Francis Mallmann

The Cut at 45 Park Lane presents Francis Mallmann

Food is as much about those at the table as it is the chef, that being said the chef by default sets the tone, imagination and flow for the evening. Good chefs take inspiration from most things yet great chefs take the environment into their thought process entwining experience with flavour.

© Adam Parker

Taking this note is Francis Mallmann with his simplistic yet enriching approach to food. Originally from Argentina he is noted for a style that blends into any environment. This means his food is bold in its flavour and uncompromising in its ingredients.

Notably a fan of simplistic luxury the chef will soon be taking this ideal to the doors of the CUT at 45 Park Lane with a meal that notes his cooking philosophy. Taking into respect for the ingredients it will consist of simple vegetables and adored steak from the finest terroir. In the form of a pop-up under the umbrella of 45 Park Lane the menu will be available for a limited period of time and welcomes the first time that the chef has cooked in London. After sharing a kitchen with Wolfgang Puck in LA he shall be switching the expertise to David McIntyre in this European outing.

© Adam Parker

The occasion itself actually is a nod towards guest chefs using their broad knowledge and ability to bring a fresh spirit to existing spaces. This in turn allows for clean thoughts and dynamic environment that keeps guests engaged but also a revitalised view of the existing dishes.

For Bookings:

3rd-5th October 2018
+44 (0) 20 7493 4545

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