Rad.io Vol 2

by AUDI0



‘Vol 2 by AUDI0COMINGS00N’ is an astute balance of genres, curated by London based production duo Emmanuel Lawal and Ashton Gohil, the compilation is tight acoustic offering. It’s creators share a story of genuine friendship that goes deeper than music however. After being introduced to each other through their respective modelling careers (featuring over 30 campaigns with Burberry, Givenchy and Adidas to name a few) their natural trajectory was towards music. With a gradual rise that saw them DJ at a string of high brow parties they soon focused their energy on bringing a new found aesthetic to the airwaves. This manifested itself into their debut EP entitled Us Against Ourselves back in June 2018 and a follow-up entitled Levitate shortly after. With an open sound palette, their style could be described as nuanced, energetic yet mindful or as they put it a version of “cinematic bass”.

With a playlist that is unapologetically versatile. The 10 song offering starts with the eery narrative of James Blake then the funkiness of Nick hakim. It then moves swiftly to the audio goodness through SiR and Dom Kennedy before settling with honest yet gritty tale by ATO.


One for the vibe bringers.

@audiocomingsoon  #justlisten 





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