Mr. P by Mr Porter SS19

A Summer Tale

D A Y  1

As we arrived in Polignano a Mare, the weather was relentless, a dry scorching heat that went beyond the realms of “British Summer”. It was an arid heat, as we were yet to near the coast, meandering down the streets looking for the flat that would be our home for the next few days.

Our attire didn’t help, as we were still garbed in our cross-over clothing

By cross-over I’m referring to the outfit you wear when travelling from one country to another, an outfit that does neither job well, as I was finding here, sweating profusely with little respite as my hands were filled with cases leaving me ill equipped to carry refreshments. A travesty, but one that would soon be resolved as we made the final ascent to our air conditioned flat.
The flat was a good size, and the air conditioning strong making for a welcome arrival, followed promptly by a visit to the terrace to examine the view that presented itself, the whitewashed streets of Puglia with the backdrop of the vibrant blue of the Baltic Sea. The fitting place for our aperitif, and we duly obliged, a dram of single-malt whisky being our choice tipple, and surprisingly refreshing despite the inferno-esque climate.

Our wardrobe reflected that, as we refreshed and changed into our designated wardrobe supplied by Mr. P; Cottons and linens were the order of the day. As we ventured near the coastline towards the famed bay of Polignano a Mare, the walk was markedly more enjoyable, with the breathable fabrics doing their job, and our mental baggage well and truly left behind in the flat.


Worn by Chris Beastall
It’s hot yes, but that doesn’t mean you have refrain from layering. With the right materials, you could actually feel cooler with a jacket on rather than off. This Mr. P Cotton and Linen Blend Chambray blazer breathes whilst keeping the brunt of heat from your skin. The lightweight, porous Cotton Jersey Mr. P T-Shirt gives the jacket context as a stylish underlayer.


Worn by Eli Ankutse
Contrary to popular belief pink is a colour that doesn’t have to emasculate, and when styled correctly adds a soft edge to any look. The Mr. P Poplin Camp collar flora shirt functions as a lightweight jacket in this look with the pastel pink Mr. P Cotton-Jersey t-shirt giving the shirt context. Key to this look are the free-flowing Mr. P Wool-Twill trousers giving elegance to a look that could otherwise be seen as overtly casual.

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