Mr. P by Mr Porter SS19

A Summer Tale – Day 2

D A Y  2

The evening in Polignano a Mare is friendly and familiar, filled with a buzz of familial merriment that typifies the region. We befriend some locals at a bar and they point us to their go-to seafood restaurant for dinner— I call this approach to research the “Trip Advisor Gold package”. Less than an hour later we had our table, with the reassuringly non-English speaking waiters taking our order for what was to become one of my best seafood experiences in recent memory.

A whisky nightcap followed by a cigar on the terrace and that was Day 1 complete — a grand introduction.

The morning after (well, mid-morning) duly equipped with ‘whisky head’ and ‘cigar mouth’, the task was to explore another popular region in our vicinity, namely Monopoli.
The train schedule was as relaxed as the mood in Polignano a Mare, meaning that the best (or only) way to get to Monopoli was by taxi; a vehicle that looked like a close relative of the Tuk-Tuk. Less than thirty minutes later we found ourselves in the heart of the equally picturesque Monopoli.
The order of the day was to stay cool and comfortable, and our Mr. P looks reflected that with free-flowing silhouettes and light fabrics helping to fight both the sweltering heat — and our hangovers. As we make our way to another seafood eatery, it appears we’ve attracted the attention of some of the locals and conversation ensues. “Another drink?” the waiter asks. “It’d be rude not to…” I laddishly reply, and just like that, the tone for the evening was set.


Worn by Chris Beastall
For a look to be stylish, it doesn’t have to be complex, as evidenced by the simple but effective Mr. P look here. The sky-blue Camp-Collar shirt bridges the gap between formal and casual, while providing the colour injection for the look. The off-white Mr. P Selvedge jeans a more considered option than pure white denim, softening the contrast between the top and bottom half of the look.


Worn by Eli Ankutse
Unusually lacking colour for a traditional summer outfit, this monochromatic look uses a variety of fabrics to communicate style and season. The Cotton-Blend Mr. P Chore jacket has a relaxed silhouette while its porous fabric makes it breathable. The Stretch wool cropped Mr. P grey trousers give the look flow without being overtly formal.

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