A Historic City Discovered

Our first stop was scheduled in Genoa, which was only two hours from Nice. Intrigued by the history of the port and surrounding town, we planned a guided tour with the Paola Terrile, a recommended Private Guide in Genova.

Paola describes Genoa as,

“A beautiful, ancient and still truly authentic Italian city, Genova will be a pleasant surprise. With the largest medieval centre in Europe and more than 2500 years of history, the birth city of Christopher Columbus offers plenty of things to discover.  Plenty of charm due to the striking contrasts: a labyrinth of narrow back streets where stunning churches and luxury renaissance mansions are next to picturesque little squares. The historical centre (in part UNESCO World Heritage site) is lively and still authentic, with many tiny food and artisan shops, wineries, markets, elegant cafès.”


Place to Stay 


Palazzo Grillo 

A designer bolthole hidden in the centre of Genoa. The boutique hotel occupies one of the most charming Genovese Rolli palaces (World Heritage UNESCO) in the heart of the Old Town. The unique hotel offers sanctuary amongst the hustle and bustle of the busy city, you feel at home with the comfort and refinement of design. Palazzo Grillo was built in 1545 by the will of Domenico Grillo, it preserves its original features that made it a benchmark for the Genovese aristocracy. The most representative brands are Desalto, Hay, Massproduction, Vibia, Vitra and also classic vintage furniture. You can choose from 25 personalised rooms, breakfast at the rooftop overlooking the bell towers, relax in the frescoed hall and enjoy our big bookshelf and visit the PRIMO PIANO, the exhibition area of Palazzo Grillo with important photographic and design exhibitions. 

Price: from £155

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Things to Do 


Creattivando: Famous Genovian Pesto Course with Locals 

In 2013 Cristina and Mario Robellos, two locals of Genova, started Creattivando, a unique cooking experience that specialises in making pesto but also other traditional Genovese dishes such as Cappon Magro, fresh pasta, Trofiette and Pansoti with Walnut sauce to name a few. Their experiential workshops for children and adults teach the techniques and methods to make true Genovese pesto with a pestle and mortar as well as educate guests on the rich culture of Liguria through the ingredients and recipes. The couple use the freshest of local ingredients for the classes to ensure the true flavours of Genova are experienced by the guests.

Cristina Robello, Creattivando says,

“We have created a flexible format, based on food experiences but also rich in history and local culture without forgetting the attention to taste and quality.”

Price: from €110 per person or €10 per person for Group Bookings


Sundowner Spot 



Relax on the rocky shoreline of this quaint seaside town. You’ll find locals tucking into a cone of Frittura di Paranza (scrumptious fried fish and mixed seafood) and sipping on a generous tumbler of Aperol. The sunset in Boccadasse is not to be missed. The rich allure of terracotta sun and abundance of colourful seaside abodes make this sunset rather unique. The sun usually kisses the horizon around 7pm – but check online to make sure you don’t miss it. Grab a taxi from the centre of Genoa, it’s about a 20-minute ride and absolutely worth it. The spot was recommended by our local guide Paola Terrile; she knows the area better than most having spent her whole life discovering the hidden gems of the Genovese coast.



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