On & Over | Master & Dynamic MW50+

On & Over | Master & Dynamic MW50+

“Music is the answer, to your problems”— an often-misused lyric from vaults of House music, but nonetheless look around on any public commute and you will find it hard to argue.

Across the myriad of technology and “listening devices” there is a variety of content being consumed, the context of which can be gleaned given the various expressions written on the faces of each audiophile. Podcasts seem to be the vogue currently, which is strange seeing that they are not exactly new, but the change in mind-set of current society appears to have aligned itself perfectly with the audio narrator format.

All this audio consumption means that the choice of head-set is all the more pertinent, as not only does it reflect your character, it has the ability to enhance – or detract from – your listening experience. But it’s this debate between On-ear and Over-ear that I find hard to solve. I must confess, this is a decision that has eluded me to date, and so I often revert to the visual option – which one do I feel looks better on any given occasion? How shallow (but true).

Master & Dynamic have long been champions of the aesthetic augmentation of headphones, with their arrival in 2014 receiving industry wide plaudits, and has even seen them collaborate with luxury stalwarts such as Leica Camera AG.

That’s not to say, that’s all they are; the sound quality mirrors that of their appearance, making them a “double-threat” if you will, appealing to both ardent audiophiles and fashion conscious consumers in equal measure.

Previously catered for in two different sets, the MW60+ (over-ear headphones) and the corded MW30 (On-ear headphones), Master & Dynamic have now catered for both in a dynamic Bluetooth solution called the Master & Dynamic MW50+.

By gently releasing the magnetically attached lambskin and memory foam ear pads, users can switch between the two sets of ear pads, providing seamless versatility between on-ear and over-ear headphone styles with uncompromising acoustic performance.

“We build sound tools for creative minds, and we understand just how wide-ranging that spectrum can be,” says Jonathan Levine, Founder and CEO of Master & Dynamic.

“We understand how these professionals live, work, play, and relax, and wanted to develop a product that could move with them throughout their day. Now, for the first time, the decision is not about on-ear versus over-ear, but simply which colour.”

If like me you struggle to choose between the expansive sound on-the-go of on-ear headphones, and the full sound isolation of over-ear, the new Master & Dynamic MW50+ could well be the answer— to your problems.


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