INTERIORS | SHIRAZ Series by Apparatus Studio

INTERIORS | SHIRAZ Series by Apparatus Studio

Interior design; it’s only recently that I’ve began to truly understand its real power. I mean I’ve always had an eye for things I like in environments that I frequent, but what has developed is a more “tangible” personal connection with my surrounding space – and it appears that in that I’m not alone. While High-Street retail numbers are on the decline, the equivalent Interiors retail figures are actually rising. Why? Collectively, a greater appreciation for the space around us. Again, but why? Well I personally put it down to two main factors, the first a lifestyle shift, one that sees us spending more time at home and hence cultivating the space around us. The second is a more obvious influence; the bombardment of inspiration on digital platforms from Pinterest to Instagram is constant, relentless and — more importantly — of ever increasing quality.

What this has “allowed” is a plethora of new companies to be spawned in the arena of interiors retail, but also encouraged a greater dearth of innovation and ideas, as often comes with more competition and demand.

Having said that the New York based Apparatus Studio is an Interiors company that has needed no such encouragement. Founded in 2012 by Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson, Apparatus Studio combine sensual materials such as marble, suede, horsehair, lacquer and porcelain with patinated brass to create the crux of the studio’s distinctive interiors portfolio.

Their latest series forms part of a larger collection called “ACT III”, SHIRAZ is inspired by the once capital city of the same name, a central hub on the silk road and known as the capital of Persian culture.

The Shiraz series imagines objects of pan-cultural influence, blending a modernist interpretation of classical western forms.

The functional objects take the forms of various geometric shapes in a futuristic hues and texture that quietly challenge the landscape of any environment. Beautifully simple yet provocative, the Shiraz Series is another reminder of the inert potential of the space surrounding.


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