Nike Seitiro Hi-Vis Ball

Nike Seitiro Hi-Vis Ball

This feature is dedicated to the one piece of ‘equipment’ involved in every aspect of the beautiful game and hence the most important – the ball. Regardless of how many players you have, whether or not you have the latest boots, or are competing on a FIFA accredited playing turf, without the ball there quite simply is no game.

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Given it’s importance it’s rather surprising that such little attention is paid to the calibre of the ball used; in most cases if it’s round and full with air we’re satisfied. Here at JOSHUA’s we always aspiring to find that perfect game, and it is with that in mind that we unveil today’s focus, the Nike Seitiro Hi-Vis Ball.

The official match ball in the world’s leading leagues including Barclay’s English Premier League, Italy’s Serie A and Spain’s La Liga, this new Nike Seitiro ball features NIKE RaDaR technology (Rapid Decision and Response) which allows better visibility of the ball and players to capitalise on split second scoring and passing opportunities.


  • Micro-textured hand-stitched TPU casing for great touch and durability
  • Nike RaDaR technology performance graphic for a strong visual signal
  • A 360 degree sweet spot distributes pressure evenly across panels
  • Optimal sphericity allows the ball to fly faster, farther and more accurately
  • Flexible, cross-linked Nitrogen-expanded foam for shape retention and durability
  • Six-wing carbon-latex bladder for explosive acceleration off of the foot
  • Designed to FIFA’s approved specifications, weighing between 420-445 grams, and with a circumference of between 68.5-69.5 centimeters

Now we have made our point, let the game begin.


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