Joyeux Noël: G.H.MUMM Protocoles Gift Box

Joyeux Noël: G.H.MUMM Protocoles Gift Box

This time of year is always one of joy and reflection of the months gone past, with Christmas serving as the pinnacle event. The colour red is one – thanks to St Nicklaus – associated with Christmas, but also a colour that stimulates a sense of occasion and gifting. Experts in fine wine and owners of the “Red Sash” branding, G.H.MUMM have embellished this gifting season with their own special addition – the Protocoles Gift Box.

“At once playful and educational, this protocol kit will contribute to ritualize the champagne moment and sublimate the protocol in a festive way” – G.H.MUMM

The Champagne Protocoles themselves – G.H. MUMM’s insight to the etiquette surrounding the oft-misconceived world of champagne – are gift enough, but the lavish presentation case and the elegantly crafted set of accessories contained within makes this special set, something to be cherished.

Even the ivory presentation case itself exudes a ceramic feel to it, with the internal workings reminiscent of luxurious furniture.


The Protocoles Gift Box contains all the essential tools to consume G.H.MUMM with the appropriate expertise:

1. THE WINE – A 75cl G.H.MUMM Cordon Rouge bottle

2. THE OPENING – An elegant champagne opener to facilitate the opening of the bottle

3. THE SERVICE – A serving tie to dress up the bottle during the service

4. THE PRESERVATION – A unique stopper to preserve the bubbliness

5. THE PROTOCOLES – Champagne Protocoles de G.H.MUMM  Cards

This concept is realised in two different offerings:

– CPGHM selective pack (€120)

Champagne Protocoles de G.H.MUMM (CPGHM) deluxe case (€1,200)


There is no denying the gift box is somewhat ostentatious, but here at JOSHUA’s we see it as an apt tribute to the time honoured tradition of fine wine and how it should be consumed.

When you look at it objectively, it’s G.H.MUMM’s way of saying “Joyeux Noël” or in plain English, “Have a very Merry Christmas”.

For a chance to win a select G.H.MUMM Prize visit the G.H.MUMM Facebook Page. Every day from 10 December 2012, the G.H.MUMM Gift Calendar brings you a new game, tip or idea for a dish to accompany your champagne. Download for your chance to win an exclusive G.H.MUMM gift, such as a Patrick Jouin champagne bucket, a set of G.H.MUMM flutes, a hand-printed Noma Bar poster or a set of accessories to perfect your collection as a champagne connoisseur.

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