Fundamentals by Deakin & Francis

Fundamentals by Deakin & Francis

One of England’s oldest jewelers Deakin & Francis set out to curate the essentials or ‘Fundamentals’ in their latest selection of cufflinks. Taking inspiration from various amount of unique and individual stories the latest collection is the best representation of the classic adaptions.

Deakin & Francis D&F_Sun&Planet Gear Cufflinks_ £195.00

“Deakin & Francis strive to offer the highest quality pieces that are made to last a lifetime”

Deakin & Francis Fundamentals Lifestyle

These creative categories stretch from classic and compelling, yet it is the story behind everything that powers our world that is most captivating. This reference point is the source for some truly intricate artistry as the cufflinks in this collection share the visuals of a cog or the mechanics of a watch. By elevating the normality of the somewhat traditional accessory each piece gains a narrative of its own – creating an instrument that is able to transcend season and era.

Deakin & Francis D&F_Sopwith Propeller Cufflinks_£145.00

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