The Raindrop Cake by Darren Wong

The Raindrop Cake by Darren Wong

With a name like “Raindrop Cake” you would think this were a food based on the ‘delightfully’ unpredictable weather of England but it is actually inspired by traditional Mizu Shingen Mochi from Japan. The journey started when American based Darren Wong came across articles of this dish in Japan, but had no way to source it in the USA, and so he had little choice but to create his own.

The Raindrop Cake Darren Wong Served

There is no questions that it looks remarkable, but just what does a raindrop cake taste like?

“The cake itself is very mild and very much about the delicate texture the melts in your mouth. Together with the toppings it has a strong sweet kick with a tinge of molasses and roasted nutty flavor.”

~ Darren Wong

Darren Wong The Raindrop Cake

To find out more about this remarkable cake and where you can experience it visit:


The Raindrop cake dessert by Darren Wong

Photography by: Tim Ireland
(Source: Hypebeast)
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