Maserati MMXX — A New Era


A New Era

At a time where things seem anything but straightforward, Maserati have set themselves no mean task; to launch thirteen new models by 2024. When you take into account the brand has seven models currently on sale (eight including the new Maserati MC20) that is very ambitious indeed. When you delve deeper and learn that these models are as disparate as they are similar — electrification being introduced to the brand for the first time along with a brand-new medium-sized SUV — this task sounds all the more daunting.

It was with great anticipation and intrigue I boarded the chartered flight to Bologna, our pitstop as we journeyed to Modena for Maserati’s MMXX event, the largest event Italy had held post-lockdown. Rightly so to, as it was one of the nation’s treasures, the heart of the automotive region that had invited the world to cast eyes upon their future.

As with any brand with substantial heritage, the success of the future is best harnessed with respectful reference of the past – a fading echo if you will – and that is exactly what Maserati captured in their flagship launch of the MMXX event, the Maserati MC20.

Less of a car launch and more of a cinematic music concert — with social distancing of course — the MC20 was quite literally launched to a fanfare as the famed Autodromo di Modena played host to over 400 international press and guests, with ushers aptly kitted out in Maserati race suits marshalling the expectant crowd. If anything the build-up reflected the spectacular nature of the MC20, but even more pertinent is what signifies for the marque; the dawning of a new era.

It’s a phrase that is bandied about, but in Maserati’s case it truly is, with the concurrent launch of their new  plant, the refined and emboldened trident badges, announcement of electrification along with entering a new category for the brand with the mid-sized SUV; the new Maserati Grecale being released in 2021. There will also be a new Maserati GrandTurismo, a new Quattroporte, and the electrification of the entire range — including the new MC20.


All these new models will have their time in the sun, but in truth this launch was all about the MC20; it’s the fulcrum, the cornerstone and  flag bearer, all in one.

This is not just a road car, it’s a true race car built with racing in mind and featuring the new V6 Nettuno engine, an engine conceived, designed and built completely in-house using MTC (Maserati Twin Combustion) technology. This engine propels the car to 62mph in less than 2.9 seconds and gives the car a top speed of over 200mph. Impressive, so much so in fact that it signals Maserati’s return to the racetrack for the first time MC12 — a car that inspired the MC20 — finished racing in 2010.

“Maserati last returned to the track in September 2004 for a new challenge, with the Maserati MC12; twelve cylinders, carbon fibre monocoque and a low centre of gravity. Between 2004 and 2010 on the track it reaped no fewer than 22 victories (including 3 overall wins at the Spa 24-Hour Race) and 14 FIA GT titles.”

While the MC20’s references from the MC12 may be more immediately evident, another car referenced by the designers was the 2005 Maserati Birdcage concept, explained by Maserati’s Head of Design Klause Busse as he delineates the extensive historic referencing and thought process behind designing the building block for Maserati’s future plans.

A new production line for the MC20 has been created at Viale Ciro Menotti in Modena, along with the addition of a completely new painting plant suitable for completing the MC20’s regalia in one of the 6 unique colourways, each one conceived, designed and developed exclusively for the car. With a performance electric “Folgore” engine and a GrandCabrio edition MC20 to be released next year, the MC20 may well be part of the steeping legacy of Maserati, but its future-focused story is only just beginning.

The new Maserati MC20 is available now from £187,230 (OTR price) for the 630HP 3.0L, V6  Twin-Turbo Nettuno engine.


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