Fiat present the 500 Riva

Fiat present the 500 Riva

‘Authenticity’ is a phrase that is used frequently in modern day collaborations and while there are those who fail to live up to its definition, there are also those who thrive upon it. The latter is most apparent in the collaboration between the Fiat 500 and Riva Yacht.


Built within the mould of the iconic Aquariva Superyacht the 500 Riva sits somewhere between yacht and car, both visually and emotionally. On the eyes it takes characteristics from its boating counterpart. From far the Fiat 500 is imposing in both colour and stature. Boasting the iconic Riva logo middle-left it feels more spacious and clinical by default.


Internally though it boasts a fusion between classic yachting nuances and modern day necessities. Hand painted mahogany sits on the dash as if taking you towards the sea and its ‘Sera Blue’ finish feels at home alongside the ivory leather. This is a base for the additional Beats Audio system which offers immersive audio throughout the vehicle. Controlled by 7” HD touchscreen the system, developed in conjuction with Beats by Dr Dre, adds to the fully digital experience that allow driver retain the emotion and notes of musicians past and present.



This combination of new and old is what allows the 500 Riva to be more expressive than previous models – fusing an iconic shape with innovative craftmenship of Riva family.



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