Tercet — Born of Brotherhood

Born of Brotherhood


One would think that an institution as esteemed and established as Rémy Martin would have hit something of a(n extremely lofty) plateau by now.

The legendary cognac house is nearly 300 years old. The fact they have lasted – or rather, dominated – for so long is not down to reaching pinnacle status and resting on their laurels. Throughout the centuries, Rémy Martin has teamed up with artists, innovators and provocateurs in their pursuit of novel flavour and it is this constant pushing of boundaries that sets them apart from their more intransigent peers.

Never above looking left of field for inspiration, or even guidance, Rémy Martin allows their creators the time and resources to experiment. There is only so much one can do when confining yourself to one medium and the creation of top tier cognac demands an invocation of broader beverages. The story of Tercet, their latest expression, began 10 years ago and is one of friendship and intuition.

Baptiste Loiseau, Rémy Martin Cellar Master
Baptiste Loiseau, Rémy Martin Cellar Master

Whilst working under his then-predecessor in 2007, the current Cellar Master identified certain brandies which boasted extraordinarily pure fruity flavour profiles. Convinced that these eaux-de-vie could be used to develop a revolutionary type of cognac, Baptiste Loiseau watched over them in secret before devising where they might fit in to his experimental process.

It became clear that such a bold endeavour required the expertise of other, seasoned hands. Preeminent wine producer Francis Nadeau was the first to be enlisted. He recommends that the grapes are pressed extremely gently and carefully in order to extract the most delicate juices.

“Distillation is the concentration of the aromatic fractions of wine, it is therefore essential to have a good wine to start with. There’s no good eaux-de-vie without good grapes!”

Completing the trio came Jean-Marie Bernard – a master distiller who was born amongst the stills. His virtuosity in his distillation of his products was developed over more than forty years.

“It is an honour, a responsibility, and trust that have been given to us. Baptiste Loiseau listened, he heard and transformed what we told him, and taught us in return. This is the Rémy Martin spirit, this permanent sharing where we give back what we have learned from others.”

But the elements that make Tercet such a divine boisson are not necessarily quantifiable by years of experience, nor technical know-how. It is imperative that science leaves the room in place of poetry and together these three formed a bond that yielded the most beautiful composition, by way of this brand new expression.

Available now exclusively at Fortnum & Mason (RRP £99).


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