Eau de Vie by SWAT

Eau de Vie by SWAT

Eau de Vie translated literally means “Water of Life” and it’s hard to argue with the name as Japanese brand SWAT promote their Hydrogen rich water, because there is evidence in abudance to support their claim. Without wanting to get too technical (those that do can visit Dr Whitaker for the chemistry lesson here) H2 is a powerful antioxidant, a free radical quencher that selectively scavenges the most dangerous and destructive hydroxyl radicals. These hydroxyl radicals are responsible for stealing electrons from molecules in proteins, DNA and fats, destabilising them and causing a chain reaction of oxidative stress – and nobody wants that.

Eau de Vie by SWAT 24hr Booster





  • Helps lubricate joints & muscles
  • Decreases headaches, arthritic symptoms, back pain, and Improves blood pressure
  • Aids the absorption of nutrients
  • Helps keep your mind alert
  • Helps with blood circulation & digestion
  • Helps regulate body temperature while detoxifying cells

Eau de Vie Hydrogen Water by swat japan 150ml



While there are a few brands that sell hydrogen rich water, we like Japanese brand SWAT’s iteration Eau de Vie. Why? Well their stylized approach transforms something traditionally mundane into a personal branding accessory. There have been many attempts to turn water into a ‘super drink’ with the likes of blk and The Powerful Water Co purporting to have powers beyond that of ‘original’ water, and while there is no replacing natural water at its finest, Eau de Vie does come some way to offering an augmentative alternative contributing to your 3 litres a day.

Available to the world via Amazon, visit the Eau de Vie website below for more information.



Swat Eau de Vie hydrogen Drink

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