Chapter V – Choosing the right Champagne Glass

Chapter V – Choosing the right Champagne Glass

What is the quintessence of elegance? Karl Lagerfeld puts it better than us: simplicity, of course. To enhance the champagne, your preference should therefore be for glass or, better still, crystal. While the former, transparent and smooth, enables you to enjoy the dancing bubbles and hue of the robe to perfection, the latter is obviously a cut above in terms of finesse and preciousness.

However, go for colourless crystal, with no frills – as otherwise, in addition to being of questionable elegance, such adornments will keep you from fully appreciating the beauty of the liquid.

As for glasses in precious metal, while certainly original, they are less than ideal for tasting and are belong instead in a showcase. Finally,though it goes without saying, heaven forbid you should opt for a plastic glass – the unforgivable sacrilege of it!

No 41 – Should we opt for a Flute?
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The flute has gradually emerged as the queen of champagne drinking. Its slender body lends itself to visual inspection of the wine and the concentration of flavours. However, too high a column can have some drawbacks: the journey of the bubbles is lengthened – giving them time to expand on their way to the surface and thus lose something of their finesse. Another concern: it requires serving twice, slowing down your movement and rather detracting from the beauty of the ceremony. As you can see, the choice of glass is really not that simple… A final important detail: whatever form you choose, always anticipate one glass per cuvée in order to avoid mixing.

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