Chapter VI – Serving Champagne

Chapter VI – Serving Champagne

Even on a linen tablecloth andin crystal glasses to boot, the best vintages can be ruined if poorly served. Knowledge of the correct gestures is essential for serving this great wine and thus putting the guests in the best frame of mind for the tasting. And let’s face it, this is your moment of glory: performing a majestic gesture, aware of the glint in your guests’ eyes, making those bubbles dance in the glasses and giving pleasure to one and all… all delicious foretastes of the feast to follow.

No.53 – How to hold the bottle
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Of course, you possess enough etiquette to hold your bottle of champagne naturally, like any other wine, by the middle and not the neck. But have you considered the label? To allow guests to see it, do not keep it hidden. After all, the name and heraldry of the champagne House or cuvée are part of the pleasure of tasting. For a more ‘professional‘ touch, copy sommeliers who grasp the bottle by the bottom, thumb in the base, and serve with one hand (choose your strong hand). For a magnum, your second hand will support the neck. And if you are really keen, a pair of white gloves will create the most exquisite effect, adding to the solemnity of the ceremony.

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