Censer by Apparatus

Censer by Apparatus


Look around your room and you’ll see that in its basic element, it’s a construction of detailed shapes; complex geometry all characterised by their positioning – or lack thereof. But home inspiration can come in many different forms as demonstrated by New York based design studio Apparatus, and none more so than their simple yet effective Censer.


The Apparatus Censer provides a dual assault on the visual and fragrance landscape of your environment; the elegant geometric shapes set off in waxed brass & porcelain challenge the silhouette of your room, while dispersing your chosen incense into the living space.



“Burn incense for wafting smoke or a candle for a glowing porcelain dome”



Granted, at $820 one can’t really call this luxury a ‘bargain’. But looked at in comparison to the expenditure carousel also known as ‘your wardrobe’ this should be a considered lifestyle option. View at it more as an investment in well-being and you can’t really put a price on being well… can you?



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