Life is Golden — Havana Club 7

Life is Golden

Life is no doubt a serious affair, but at times I feel we take life a little bit too seriously.

I’m not talking about the non-negotiable issues of health and political unrest—of which there are many—but more about those little spaces in life where we can actually afford to let our hair down and enjoy. There is this mindset to pursue perfectionism that belies rationale; be that the over-complication of the simplest of things, or the under-indulgence in your enjoyment thereof. It’s something we’ve all been guilty of in the past and perhaps will be guilty of again.

© Yulia Shadrinsky



That said if there is one time of year where we unanimously agree to enjoy life no matter what, it’s Christmas. While not celebrated as it once was, the glory still remains, with moods miraculously improved and a more positive outlook—albeit it often reminiscent—embraced for these few months.

To nudge us on our way purveyors of Cuban rum Havana Club have restyled their popular dark rum for the season, dressing the bottle in an artistic gold textured sheath, featuring metallic hues and artistic, stylised branding. While the jus inside is unchanged, this bottle is a golden reminder to enjoy life, and that even the more familiar things in life can be made to feel more special.

“Our mission at Havana Club is to capture the essence of Cuba in a bottle. This special bottling of a classic is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the beauty, creativity, and refinement that define both our limited edition and the world of high fashion.”

Ludmilla Stephkov, International Brand Director, Havana Club

© Yulia Shadrinsky

The limited release bottle was suitably brought to life in a shoot with Yulia Shadrinsky, a photographer whose previous clients include the likes of Burberry and Rick Owens, giving a high fashion aura to this new bottle. The shoot also reminds us to dress up and enjoy the time we spend together, however infrequent that may be, and also not to be so serious… well, not all the time anyway.

The limited release Havana Club Gold will be available in supermarkets across the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain at an RRP £27 (€25 in EU) while stocks last.



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