Caruso presents the “THE GOOD ITALIAN”

Caruso presents the “THE GOOD ITALIAN”

The differences in culture can be reflected through many aspects varying from the choice mode of transport and social traditions to what you eat and what you wear. Italian tailoring brand Caruso have objectified and contextualized these differences in a succinct cinematic quality short film.

The objective of Caruso’s artistic movie is to represent and promote, through the most universal media that exists, the brand’s inspiring: The Lifestyle Of A Good Italian.

Caruso wants the world to know that the whole of Italy, not just the most famous tourist destinations, is imbued with that and that have made the “Italian lifestyle” so natural, yet so extraordinary to appear almost unreal. And this is why the narrative uses the language of fairy-tales and “suspension of disbelief” as artistic approach.

The film follows a couple of English tourists as the chance upon a princely mansion: the dining room of the of the Prince Meli Lupi of Soragna, featuring some of the most important baroque frescoes in northern Italy.





Caruso, which carries the best of the Italian tailoring tradition in a contemporary setting, wanted this fantastic story to evoke the emotions and pleasure that give authenticity and meaning to the brand.


The prince, played by actor Giancarlo Giannini, is very hospitable and welcomes the two tourists to his table, laden with from the cellars of Italy’s top producer (the “Antica Corte Pallavicina” of the Spigaroli brothers) together with the typical local wines, from the cellar of a renowned award-winning restaurant in Soragna,“La Stella D’Oro”.
Of course, the film is impeccably styled throughout in the Italian sartorial elegance for which Caruso is renowned; all featured clothes will be available at the CARUSO flagship stores in NewYork and Milan and online at

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