Red Wing heritage presents “The Relentless Pursuit”

Red Wing heritage presents “The Relentless Pursuit”

The merging of cultures and experiences is one that defines us as human beings. Chef Yoji Tokuyoshi found that this fusion of experiences would allow him develop a new culinary approach. Having travelled from Japan to Italy Yoji honed his skills in the European city, through grueling hours of hard work he developed an understanding of expertise from the great chefs before him. At the time it was not known what the journey would produce but 10 years on this forward thinking chef opened his own restaurant in the famed Osteria Francescana.

The restaurant mixes simple Italian ingredients with Japanese culture and is the epitome of Yoji’s ideals – this was the moment where his dream became a reality.

In the first of a series of films with renowned shoemaker Red Wing, Yoji explains his journey but also sheds light on his affinity to Red wing. In a conversation that merges the philosophies of honesty, craft and innovation the similarities between both brand and person are beyond clear.



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