A Grandfather’s Legacy — Ron Abuelo

A Grandfather’s Legacy
Ron Abuelo


Quite literally translating to “grandfather”, Ron Abuelo can count itself as a founding pioneer of heritage rum.

Forget coconut flasks and paper umbrellas. This sweet spirit hailing from the fertile fields of the Azuero Peninsula, Panama counts its very antiquity as its secret weapon. Don Jose Varela founded the country’s first sugar cane fields and with it, birthed the Ron Abuelo distillery in 1908. For over 100 years, his protégés have combined the unique Panamanian climate with a meticulous production process to build up a cache of rum incomparable to anywhere else on earth.


The moderate rainfall, cool nights, and humid days all play important roles in the development and personality of each spirit. In the valleys surrounding Varela Hermanos, the master distillers control 100% of the rum making process: they grow and hand-harvest their own sugar cane, distil their own spirit and age it all at the estate. José’s legacy continues to live on with Ron Abuelo’s range of premium rums:


12 Años

Ron Abuelo 12 Años is aged in hand-selected American oak barrels with a final maturation at a lower proof to create a rum of exceptional character, with perfectly balanced deeper dried fruit notes. Expect a healthy showing vanilla, tobacco and chocolate.



The Two Oaks

The majestic Two Oaks has one sublimely smooth flavour. Aged for 12 years, the liquid is matured in selected bourbon barrels and finished in an extra-charred virgin American Oak barrel. This results in a non-traditional liquid that meets the bridge between bourbon and rum. It has an intense, and delicate smoky sweetness with notes of spices, caramel, roasted coffee beans with light hints of coconut.

The Finish Collection

Eight years in the making, The Finish Collection is made up of three rums that have been aged for fourteen years, and then a further year in different regional casks. Napoleon is expertly finished in Cognac casks offering an explosion of ripe autumn fruit with hints of oak and dark chocolate. The Portuguese adventure of Tawny Port has a silky rounded wooden finish with notes of ripe fig. Finished in Port casks, it offers a taste of sweet red fruits and summer berries. It is particularly adored by the red wine drinkers of the world. Oloroso is aged in Spanish Sherry casks for a beautifully balanced fruit sweetness, with tasting notes of citrus fruits and a finish of toasted almonds.


Ron Abuelo Centuria

Centuria marks 100 years of Ron Abuelo. Created from a rich blend of rums from Ron Abuelo’s oldest reserves the dark copper rum offers tasting notes of ripe fruits and apricots with a mature wood finish.

This much is certain, whatever your particular predilection this season, Ron Abuelo has you more than covered.

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