Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II

Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II

The day began with two Ghosts. Ghosts, not in the ephemeral sense of the word, but as shown above, stately awe-inspiring vehicles. Little was I to know that the luxury was a merely an indicator of what was to follow – the Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II.

“Like a familiar piece of music, it is open to different interpretations without losing the original melody.” – Ian Cameron, Chief Designer

A Roll-Royce Phantom Series II is a car that you take your shoes of before entering, not out of warranted respect for the lavish ‘world’ you are entering, but to truly experience the full depth of the all enveloping carpet – just one of many features that render the Phantom elite among its peers.

Most people aspire to have the best car they can drive, the Phantom dispels that ideal and adds another dimension, the aspiration to be driven. Yes, you could drive the Phantom – and what a drive – but drive one would mean missing out on those little extravagances that’s makes the Phantom the pinnacle of luxury motoring.


One thing that stands out about the Phantom Series II interior is, ironically, the fact that nothing actually stands out; despite all the technology and luxury that has been incorporated into the car design, the extravagances are not on show unless you want them to be. The Media Panel is elegantly hidden by the wooden facia and quintessential analogue Rolls-Royce clock. The JOSHUA’s recommended option – a Humidor – is hidden away in the glove compartment, while even the Rolls-Royce umbrella is hidden, on hand, yet cunningly disguised inside the weighty door frame, should it be required.


Aside from the visually modernised version of the classically elegant Phantom, the Phantom Series II has many technological advancements, furthering reifying it’s position at the forefront of luxury motoring. The handling for a 2.5tonne car is responsive and featherweight and the acceleration is more than formidable (0-60mph in 5.7seconds); it’s a veritable challenge to work out when the car actually changes gear . This is in part due to their new 8 Speed transmission system that also makes the new Phantom a greener ride with 10% less CO2 emissions. The ingenious Satellite navigation system gives you a live birds eye view from 3metres above the car, to make manoeuvring the substantial vehicle in tight spaces and parking, dare I say it, simple.

The unnerving fact about the Phantom Series II, is that while many aspects of an aspirational lifestyle are at a stretch, attainable, this car is something that even the most overpaid sportsman with an affluent tastes would struggle to afford. Don’t let that put you off however; as should your fortunes change, it’s reassuring to know that there are still some brands that remain truly sacred.

Entry level price £350k, but by the time you’ve made it truly your own, expect to pay in the region of £450k upwards – a justified price.


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