TIMEPIECE | Formex Watches

TIMEPIECE | Formex Watches

There is no preened, regulated arena for the surfer. You’re out there with the sea and nature’s whim. Your instinct and the ocean’s mercy are as tantamount to your prosperity as your own technical skill. It’s an unconquerable terrain and one must be well prepared and better equipped.Formex have created a watch tailored to the extreme sportsman. By taking design cues from performance bikes and racing cars, they have built a time piece that is a microcosm of that genius engineering. The case suspension system allows the watch to weather titanic impact and the cushioning required for such resilience makes the watch incredibly comfortable to wear. This is all balanced with Swiss artistry and design; a fusion of stainless steel, titanium grade 2, ceramic and carbon fibre.

As costly as it sounds, the new direct-to-consumer business model has rendered these premium indestructible watches extremely affordable.

Their latest partner, Reubyn Ash, is one of Europe’s finest surfers and is set to make history in Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic Games as his sport is finally added to the list events. He is renowned for his innovative approach and pioneering of new techniques and grew up negotiating the chop of the Cornish seascape. Reubyn is well acquainted with extreme unpredictability and relishes the harsh indifference of the waves. His is a sport that requires affinity and resilience to the elements. Speed, precision, mechanics and adrenaline are the tenets to which Ash abides and the Formex on his wrist embodies them.


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