Lucky Liquid — Prestige Tequila revisted

Lucky Liquid

Truth be told, when ageing a spirit using untried parameters over an extended period of time, there are no guarantees that the outcome will be anything close to what you desire.

It’s a risky business indeed, especially when the liquid in question is Avión 100% agave extra añejo tequila. This spirit is naturally vibrant, with an amber hue indicative of its rich flavour and sophisticated taste profile. At least that’s how it starts out, but this particular batch had been laid to rest for nine years in previously matured Mexican Cabernet Sauvignon casks—a new experiment—so the flavour outcome was far from certain.

At the start of this nine-year journey eight casks were filled, each at high risk, risk of the woody flavours overpowering the rich agave, or bitterness taking over the taste profile entirely. Unfortunately, given the normally short aging time for tequila and the overall rise in its popularity, focus on production drifted elsewhere, and over the years these casks drifted into obscurity and eventually became a forgotten experiment.

Determined to have their day in the sun, thankfully these barrels were recently rediscovered. Better yet, despite being many years past their “normal” aging period, one of the eight barrels turned out to be exceptional. In this cask the prolonged rest resulted in a rich red colour and a sophisticated, chocolatey mouthfeel that enhanced the fullness of the 100% agave tequila.

“Successfully created against all odds, Avión Lucky Liquid was borne out of a hunch nine years ago and is proof that fortune favours the bold. This very notion is something which Crypto Enthusiasts and Spirits Collectors live and breathe, as they’re always on the hunt for the next extraordinary token or expression which could appreciate significantly. ”

— Juan Namur, Digital Director, House of Tequila, Pernod Ricard

Although somewhat in contrast to the organic nature of the jus, the chosen marketplace for the launch makes complete sense, with BlockBar fast becoming the home for rare spirit launches, largely due to its innovative merging of blockchain technology with the traditionally complex world of premium spirit collecting.

While with Avión’s Lucky Liquid a unique flavour profile is guaranteed, you will need luck to get hold of a bottle before they sell out; the 100 bottles of this ultra-rare expression of tequila a meagre portion compared to the demand its curation has already created.

Avión Lucky Liquid is priced at $495 and collectors can now join the waiting room to purchase on before it goes on sale on a first come, first served basis at 10:00am EST on 3rd June.




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