The Podiumist

The Podiumist

We all like to talk about racing, cars, the lifestyle and the glamour – but not like this. A new platform aptly entitled Henry the Podiumist is an organic racing hub built around content from racing history and racing present. As the name suggests, the focal topic is the F1 and the enviable status and lifestyle surrounding our beloved sport.


Not to draw comparisons, but new platform can be seen as the “Monocle” of F1


What is it about F1 that we find so attractive, so alluring, so engaging? The adrenaline inspiring power of the cars themselves coupled with that unavoidable potential for death, the fact brings an element of gladiatorship to the whole spectacle.

When taken into account what could potentially be lost, the victory is made that more poignant and the podium champagne lauding all the more vindicated – they are not just celebrating victory, they are celebrating life.

In the cockpit there is no place for fear – or rather should we say there is no time for fear, and this is reflected by nature of the uncannily calm drivers when seen sauntering around the circuit, temporarily freed from the confines of their fuel propelled cabins.

The Podiumist captures all the above and more in ‘real-time’ as the season progresses and the drama of heroes and villains unfolds. Think Monaco, think champagne, think F1…? Think Henry the Podiumist, the F1 lifestyle in all its aspirational glory.




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