The Blackberry Playbook

The Blackberry Playbook

On the day where Apple are set to launch their most revolutionary product since the iPad – a product dubbed the iPad Mini – JOSHUA’s have decided to focus on another Tablet, the Blackberry Playbook. If not already, many will stop reading here, but for those not so acquiesced by Apple’s branding, let us continue. While the Playbook might not be seen as alternative to Apple’s iPad, we do think it has calibre as a companion. To us Blackberry’s Playbook is one thing:

Fit for purpose.

Blackberry must have a sense of humour as the Playbook is most certainly is not built for play; their current offering of applications and games serving as testament to that effect. That said the lack of these ‘distractions’ is what makes the Playbook the ideal professional business companion.

Features such as the rubberised backing give the Playbook a tactile, useable feel that, when coupled with its diminutive size (7.6in x 5.1in x 0.38in) and reassuringly ‘heavy’ weight, makes for comfortable, precise handling.

The QNX interface itself is quick, flash enabled browser being the highlight meaning the internet is seen in all its glory. The WiFi enabled Playbook can pair up with your 3G Blackberry handset for roaming internet, but that said Blackberry are planning a release of a 4G LTE version of the Playbook (Cellular + WiFi) which will render this facility obsolete.

What of the iPad Mini? Well, though it is comparable in size to the Playbook, it will more than likely include all of the features the have made Apple the juggernaut it is today, which can only mean one thing – more distractions.

Our verdict: Playbook for work, iPad for play; so just get them both.


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