The Aberturret Estate House

The Aberturret House

It recently occurred to me that the darker the alcoholic beverage, the deeper the conversation that takes place while consuming it.

Champagne is a drink for celebratory occasions, while vodka & gin are the backdrop to lighthearted gaiety, jokes and storytelling—lager is similarly aligned. But as you approach red wine, more serious conversations start to be had, culminating in the world of dark spirits, premium rums and whisky, around which character analysis takes place, life stories are told and friendships further cemented.

For me dark spirits are drinks best enjoyed at homely environments, a place where you feel comfortable enough to freely converse, where there are no closing—or opening—hours and where supplies are readily at hand. Historically, whisky bars have tended to this format, creating dimly lit intimate spaces, with enveloping leather seats, ideally with a humidor available on request. More recently we’re seeing distilleries themselves open their own homes, giving a new lens to the enjoyment of whisky.




And who better to provide this complete experience than the Lalique owned whisky distillery, The Glenturret. Bought in association with Swiss entrepreneur and philanthropist Hansjörg Wyss in 2019, Scotland’s oldest working distillery has been incrementally transformed—spirit upwards—into a brand that speaks a wholistic luxury experience.

Their first major innovation was the Glenturret Lalique Restaurant, built in the heart of the Glenturret Distillery, headed by Chef Mark Donald, bringing the highest level of culinary expertise to a setting not seen before. Such was its success that it was recently awarded its second Michellin Star.

Now they have unveiled The Aberturret Estate House, a mere stone’s throw from the distillery on The Glenturret’s Crieff property, further enhancing their visitor experience. Formerly the Dower House of the Murray Clan—owners and founders of the Glenturret—this luxurious escape has 6 bedrooms, and can host 12 guests, immersing them in the history of the distillery and the region.

Featuring art from the Edinburgh based Fine Art Society, the tastefully restored home is as much a gallery as it is a homely escape, with cosy fires throughout and an adjacent 3-acre garden. Needless to say there is a generously stocked bar, art deco in design, featuring the distillery’s award winning favourites along with a special new addition—the Estate’s very own The Aberturret Gin.

As with each new facet added to The Glenturret brand, the mindset of their owners to create a complete lifestyle experience is a constant, in this instance centred around the showpiece of whisky:

“It provides our guests with a unique experience – one that is unmatched in Scotland and joins Mr. Wyss and my other establishments: Halter Ranch in Paso Robles (USA), Villa René Lalique, Château Hochberg (Alsace) and Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey (Bordeaux) in providing the very finest in hospitality and gastronomy.”

~ Silvio Denz, Chairman, Lalique Group



The unveiling of the new Estate coincides with a change of guard at the top with Managing Director John Laurie ending his stay with the brand, and industry stalwart Jennie Baernreuther stepping into the position.

Instrumental in their journey to date, John Laurie joined The Glenturret in 2016, helping to guide the brand’s new direction, with the liquid itself garnering a strong reputation in over 14 international markets with great commercial success. The Aberturret Estate makes a fitting completion of his chapter, as he remarks:

“It is where we want our guests to relax, gather with friends and family and experience the very best that Scotland has to offer. In the restoration of the house, we have unlocked forgotten history and connected with our Clan Murray roots. It has now been rejuvenated to provide our guests with a comfortable private home and an extraordinary gastronomic experience that respects the seasons and the local terroir.”

The previous owners of the Estate had extended the property over the years; the Aberturret House embraces those changes, showing its multigenerational personality in a way that endears itself to whisky—and gin—drinkers of all tastes. With plans to add a bridge over the river for direct access to the Glenturret distillery, the Aberturret House is the perfect place to escape for a dram, or perhaps if you’re in the mood for a lighter conversation, an Aberturret Gin martini.


Prices for exclusive hire start at £3,000 per night.




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