Chapter XI – Champagne Variations

Chapter XI – Champagne Variations

You can baptise the new arrival in your life in many ways but what better that to do so with a soupcon of your favourite fine wine? Her Royal Highness would christen the maiden voyage of her newest sea vessel by smashing bottle against the hull of her ship, but you would be ill advised to replicate this on the bodywork of your new Rolls-Royce – however resilient it may be. So instead why not sprinkle a few drops on the bonnet, and continue your celebrations by having a drink inside it. The ‘celubrious’ nature of the occasion, the lightly chilled Cordon Rouge and the luxurious interior of the Rolls-Royce make for perfect allies.


That’s the magnificent ‘thing’ about champagne, you don’t have to be regimental about how and when it’s consumed, you can create your own occasion and celebrate it as such. This is what G.H.Mumm refer to as the Champagne Variations; acknowledgement of the flexibility of this fine wine. As aesthetes, we might choose to blend it in an extravagant cocktail or in the true spirit of the Podium, spray your expectant crowd in a canopy of bubbles.




  • Celebrate new life; a baby can be gently baptised by placing a finger delicately dipped in bubbles behind its ear, ensuring a golden and auspicious destiny, steeped in elegance. (Naturally after which it is customary for the adults to do is to join in the birth celebrations by polishing off said bottle.)
  • In the Kitchen; Champagne has unique virtues in the kitchen: its acidity lifts a creamy sauce much more effectively than lemon zest, while its effervescence adds a certain lightness to a preparation which, even if rich in calories, suddenly becomes frothy and airy.


The moral of this story? Don’t be afraid to experiment with Champagne, there are many ways to enjoy and embellish the consumption of fine wine, so don’t limit yourself. That said, however you choose to engage with your champagne, be sure to remain true to Champagne’s heritage. To learn more about the sublime enjoyment of this fine wine read the complete Champagne Protocoles by G.H.Mumm.


Pictured Car: Rolls-Royce Wraith (Autumn Mystery)

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